Episode 1: Intro & Overview – Nose To The Dreamstone

Chris Riddell PicturesIt’s here! The very first episode of your favourite new videogaming podcast, presented by a pair of narrative junkies.

Discussed on this show are:

Develop Brighton, Unnamed Shakespeare Game, VR and Fragments of Him

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons and Neverending Nightmares

Gone Home, Life is Strange and Oxenfree

Resident Evil 7 and Soma


Southernrail Tycoon

Maggie’s Plan and Mud

For those wondering after the podcast, it’s the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. And you can find the clip of teen dialogue in Gone Home, Oxenfree and Life is Strange here.

The Conversation Tree Podcast: Trailer


This is the teaser for our upcoming podcast. We’re a pair of Londoners caught up in the gaming scene and will be looking at how games impact on culture and vice versa. More chin-stroking than score-giving.

We’ll also take a look at films and events in and around London town.

We may also talk about booze. We’ll certainly be drinking it.