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We’re a pair of Londoners caught up in the gaming scene and will be looking at how games impact on culture and vice versa. More chin-stroking than score-giving.

We’ll also take a look at films as well as events in and around London town.

We may also talk about booze. We’ll certainly be drinking it.

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Gamer. Writer. Beard-wearer. Tea drinker. I wanted to be a teacher, gave that idea up to train as an actor and have since decided that writing is where the big money is. Novels are at various stages of completion, mostly because awesome games keep getting in my way. I blog about my writing, games and esoterica over here.


A narrative-junkie and gamer by night, script reader and broadcast clearance executive by day.  Part of my day job is helping video game ads get to their audience on TV.  All ads are subject to the timing restrictions PEGI determine, but I work with the ad agency to get on air and stay there.  I also blog about improving gender relations in games here.